"Lusty" Leather Crossbody Bag

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Never have a place to put your ethergun?  (Or your sunglasses, cellphone, keys, etc?)  Pocketless, but still want to look like a badass?  Strap on this crossbody bag and you're ready to get out of town in your custom train car or on your favorite airtrike.

Polished  genuine leather looks slightly weathered,  strap holds the bag out of the way at your waist, plenty of room for the essentials, without adding too much bulk.

  • Handy for hiking, biking or motorcycling.
  • A handy,  high-style alternative to a briefcase or wallet.
  • Inner pockets zip and flap snaps closed for security. 
  • Handy outer pocket for quick stashing of small items.
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