"Grover" Steampunk Goggle Style Round Sunglasses

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Peer out into the past in this vintage-style steampunk eyewear.

Suitable for airship captains or captains of industry, these high fashion goggle style sunglasses give you that steampunk feel for every day wear.

Flattering round frames with side shades make you look like an adventurer while keeping you from squinting.    A futuristic mix of practicality and punk.

Styled  for either men or women,  these sunglasses will take you from beach to urban streets in steampunk style.

A variety of colors assures you'll never be bored- or boring.

Lens Width: 5 cm

Frame Material: Metal alloy

Lenses Material: Polycarbonate

Lenses Optical Attribute: Mirror

Lens Height: 5 cm