The Horticulturist: Wood-framed Skeleton Watch

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The Horticulturist spritzed his new acquisition with a fine mist of water and admired its vibrant flowers.  He lifted the heavy pot and moved it over to a spot where it would catch the morning light through the glass of the greenhouse.  Checking his red sandalwood skeleton timepiece he realized it was time to lock up for the night.

As he exited the glass structure and shut off the lights, the strange plant began to glow a faint green in the darkness.  Under cover of the night, a long slender  tentacle emerged from the curious flower and began to stretch toward the latch of the greenhouse door....

Show your love of nature and wood-grain with this earthy watch.

This stunning timepiece will make you stand out from the crowd with its real wood-framed face.

Unique polished sandalwood adds a modern touch to this vintage look with its transparent skeleton face.

Take advantage of this designer look for less.

Never needs a battery.  Winds from the motion of your wrist.

  • Leather band with buckle
  • Self-winding mechanism
  • Red sandalwood dial with visible movement
  • Not waterproof

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 *See page notes for care of self-winding watches HERE