The Captain: Men's Steel Skeleton Steampunk Wristwatch

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The Captain stepped onto the bridge of the dirigible.   His crew snapped to attention.  Giving a crisp glance at the face of his skeleton watch, he made a swift chopping motion with the other hand, and sailors scrambled to load the torpedoes...

The bold and distinctive automatic self-winding wristwatch gives you modern convenience with a vintage, classic analog style.  Eye-catching but suitable for everyday wear, The Captain exudes a commanding presence. The watch is shockproof, with a stainless steel backing and band, and  a clasp closure.   Too classy to be flashy, to flashy to be ignored.

The perfect steampunk style for the man who likes to watch a working watch.

  • Feature: Shock Resistant
  • Clasp Type: Buckle
  • Movement: Automatic Self-Winding
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     *See page notes on self-winding watches HERE