Heloise: Hip or Shoulder bag

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Heloise gently touched the unicorn's silver horn and it kneeled before her.  She mounted the giant beast and it stood, its powerful muscles rippling, silken coat shimmering in unimaginable colors.  Tucking her ethergun into her black leather hip bag, she wrapped her arms around the animal's silken neck and it took off at a run, and then abruptly leapt off the edge of of the crater into the void....

Belts! Rivets! Chains!  Black leather!  This badass bag makes you look like an adventurer, even if you're only adventuring around the supermarket.

Flexible style is  suitable for both daily wear and steampunk costuming.  Great for going hands-free on bike, motorcycle or unicorn.

Roomy yet compact, the pouch contains plenty of pockets, both zippered and strapped inside and out, to keep your keys, cellphone, ID, and magic potions secure from theft or loss  at any angle - even upside down.  Leg strap or shoulder strap holds the bag secure enough so it won't chafe, flap about or get in the way if you are being active.

Can be worn as a hip bag, shoulder bag or  strapped to your side. Comfy straps are designed to  adjust to fit your body snugly and safely.

  • Shoulder Strap: About 59"
  • Approximately 7" by 10"
  • Room for phone, wallet, keys, sunglasses and more!

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