The Baxter: Leather Band Steampunk Watch

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Baxter adjusted the tinted goggles over his eyes and squinted into the distance.  He could barely make out the herd of dunboks right on the horizon.  He swore under his breath.  There would be hell to pay if he couldn't get them herded up and onto the Interplanetary transport before sunsdown.  He glanced irritably at the  far-too-rapidly-moving hands of the dusty watch on his wrist  and kicked the skyscooter into high gear.....

Rugged bronze-faced wristwatch comes with a brown leather-look band.

Old-school buckle keeps that retro vibe.

Lets you give off that rough-and-tumble vibe of a roving soldier of fortune!

Analog face over see-through skeleton movement, with hands that glow in the dark.

 Self-winding watch never requires a battery, just the motion of your hand as you go about your life.

  • Bronze colored retro wristwatch. 
  • Leather band
  • Analog style
  • Automatic self-winding
  • Luminous hands

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