The Phineas: Vintage-Style Pocket Watch

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Phineas stepped onto the bridge of the airship and glanced around.   Giant gears whirred on either side of him,  and the canvas balloon swelled overhead.  Looking down, he saw they were almost over the ocean. 

He pulled his intricate pocket watch out of his waistcoat pocket and watched as the second hand swept around.  Just as  it touched the 12, he stretched out his hand  to press the button that unfurled the ship's golden wings....

Go for that glorious Victorian look with a real pocket watch.   

You can use this for cosplay or pull it out of a suit pocket at the office and watch your co-workers' jaws drop.

Let the others look at the time on their smartphones- you, my lad, have the elegant, filigree statement watch with the engraved back.

Bring back the luxury look of yesteryear with this brass-toned beauty.

  • Brass colored case with filigree cover and embossed back.
  • Vintage look dial with sweep second hand
  • Quartz movement
  • Brass chain is approximately 31 inches long.
  • Not waterproof 


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