The Time Traveler: Multi-face Steampunk watch

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The Time Traveler delicately bent the phase meridian back a centimeter and studied the gauges again.  He nodded in satisfaction and stepped inside the machine.  Perching on the rickety metal seat he cranked the doppler regulator two turns to the left.  He adjusted the times on his multi-face chronograph and, holding his breath, flipped up the knife switch.  The machine began to hum......

This watch is great for keeping track of different time zones whether you are merely flying internationally, or moving back and forth across time.  Truly eyecatching as well as practical.

This tri-face watch allows you to set separate times for each face, but let's face it, you probably will be happy just watching people's jaws drop when they see your wrist.

Main face is a steampunk style skeleton watch, with a second face featuring Roman numerals and a third showing standard Arabic numbering.

This is as much a conversation piece as a timepiece.

Self-winding watch never requires a battery, just the motion of your hand as you go about your life.

  • Water Resistance Depth: Not waterproof
  • Band Width: 22mm
  • Movement: Automatic Self-Wind
  • Band: artificial leather , 
  • Clasp Type: buckle
  • Dial Display: Analog

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